SXSW Trade Fair, Justin Basjel, 2014

Connect: International Market and Network Development Fund

Wales Arts International is changing the way we support creative professionals and arts organisations to attend international showcases and events.

We have, in previous years, offered support in the form of showcase and event specific bursaries to support the development of international networks and to build intelligence of, and presence in, new markets. Following feedback from the sector, we would like to test a more open approach to supporting creative professionals and arts organisations to participate in a wider range of international events and showcases most relevant to their artistic interests and business ambitions.

The next deadline is 28 February 2017, 5pm

Please note that WAI will NOT be offering separate bursary schemes during 2016/17. This includes Venice Biennale 2017, CINARS 2016, Celtic Connections 2017, IETM and WOMEX 2016.

Connect Fund Guidelines

Wales - China 2017

Thomas Martin - Stratum 50 - Open Books

India Wales

Hay Festival Kerala

Patagonia 150

Patagonia - Marc Rees