Node Centre

Node Center

Node Center

Node Center is an art organisation focused on research and education in contemporary art.

Research – Art Department:

This is the research branch of Node Center, dedicated to investigating experimental approaches to art that have significant impact on how we think, feel, or experience the world around us.

More information about ‘Art Department: Phase 1’, and the ongoing exploration including contributions by invited guests, the Node team and open call submissions can be found here:


Node Center has a range of online courses with a focus on the practical tools needed for curators – from how to make a contract to assembling an art publication.

They want to offer a rich learning experience for participants, so provide real-time interactive sessions with lecturers, exercises and personalised feedback.

A full list of courses can be found here:

Wales - China 2017

Thomas Martin - Stratum 50 - Open Books

India Wales

Hay Festival Kerala

Patagonia 150

Patagonia - Marc Rees