OPEN CALL Wales-China Festival 2018:

The Wales-China Festival (16-18 February 2018) is an intercultural event to spark dialogue between Chinese and Welsh communities in Bangor and the surrounding area, and to explore the British East Asian experience, with a high-quality artistic programme covering literature, art and languages of Wales and China. Through performance, poetry, music, film and workshops, this unique multi-disciplinary live event will coincide with the Chinese New Year in February 2018.

There are two commissions which can be applied for:

Wal Wen (White Wall) Commission

This year, Pontio is launching a pilot project called 'Wal Wen' (White Wall) - a large-scale digital art commission, to be projected onto Pontio's vast white walls in the central atrium. The first commission will coincide with the inaugural Pontio Wales-China Festival.

Digital Art Commission

A commission to create digital art in the style of an animated GIF to display on the digital screens in Pontio, responding to the Wales-China theme.


The selectors will be Dr Haili Ma, Senior Lecturer in Chinese and Dean of the Chinese College at Cardiff University; Karen MacKinnon, Director of Artes Mundi International Art Prize; and Sian Tomos, Director of Enterprise and Regeneration for the Arts Council of Wales.

Download the brief and application details here

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