Image by/Llun gan Yin Shuangyi

In Search of the Red Dragon

China 2008

Eight emerging visual artists from China were selected from leading universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing to come to Wales in 2008 for a month-long residency at institutions and centres in Wales.

Artists were: Lan Jian, Chen Jiao, Hou Lidan, Chuang Wang, Liu Yin, Chen Wei, Liu Fan and Yin Shuangyi.

An exhibition of their work was held at the Wales Week in Chongqing in March 2008 on how they imagined Wales before they arrived in Wales at the beginning of April.

The artists experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity as they visited Wales for a residency at Trinity College in Carmarthen, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, and UWIC School of Art and Design, Cardiff.

Iwan Bala, a Welsh Artist and host for Trinity College in Carmarthen, said:

"This is a great opportunity for us in Wales, artists and students, to be introduced to a group of young Chinese artists, and also for them to be introduced to Wales and its culture. These artists have spent some time in searching for the red dragon – we hope that we can now ‘breathe fire’ into our relationship with Chongqing and China through it’s artists. Trinity College, Carmarthen is certainly looking forward to welcoming two artists from Shanghai."

Eluned Haf, Director of Wales Arts International said:

"Wales Arts International and partners are looking forward to this collaboration with China. It offers a unique opportunity for Welsh and Chinese artists to share their artistic experiences and knowledge. It also offers an opportunity for people in Wales and China to develop cultural relationships. We hope that artists from Wales will be able to have similar experiences in China in the future."

The project was funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, British Council and Wales Arts International. It’s aims was to bring both an artistic benefit to the artists and develop potential for a long-term cultural and artistic relationship between partners in China and Wales.

For further information on the institutions and centres involved in the project, please follow the links below:
Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Trinity College Carmarthen
University of Wales Institute Cardiff

For information on the follow up project, Celebrating the Red Dragon, please click here


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