Husted, Mary

Open Books Connecticut, USA

The Open Books Plus project was founded originally from an exhibition idea put together by Mary Husted. She invited artists she knew, nationally and internationally, to use the format of the Chinese folding book (which she had come across on her travels to Hong Kong and China).

The first exhibition opened very successfully in Aberystwyth in the National Library in 2012, and then in Bay Arts, Cardiff and then on to Bristol University. It was recognised early on that it always had the potential to make a visually rich touring show. All participating artists were keen to get it seen further.

The opportunity to exhibit work in China came about through initial interest from the participating artist Frank Vigneron, based in Hong Kong University, and Joe Zhou in Hangzhou, China. This resulted in a week-long visit to China in December 2014 to set up an exhibition of work until March 2015. They had several meetings throughout the visit and were able to explore future potential for showing the project at other venues.

Mary Husted and Sue Hunt concluded:

"The value of taking out and representing the profile of Welsh and International artists, bringing these meetings together cannot be overestimated on all sides. The format of this exhibition is still very current and fresh and continues to excite interest".

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