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Rhydderch, Francesca

Francesca Rhydderch was supported to participate in the Beijing Bookworm International Literature Festival. On her return, Francesca stated:

"I was invited to participate in the Beijing Bookworm International Literary Festival 2014, which took place in March of that year. This involved giving readings from my novel, The Rice Paper Diaries, taking part in panel discussions, and participating in university events in several cities.

This invitation to China also created a further opportunity to open up the novel to international sales in one of the countries in which the book is set. Bookworm is a bookchain with branches in various cities in China: participation in this festival therefore meant sales of the book both before and following the festival and not just at individual events.

Also, The Rice Paper Diaries was chosen by Wales Literature Exchange as one of their six titles from Wales for concentrated promotion internationally in 2014. The Shanghai Translation Publishing House had already requested a copy of the novel in order to consider it for translation. My participation in the Beijing festival therefore also enabled me to meet with SPTH to discuss publishing possibilities.

As a result of this visit, Shanghai Translation Publishing House has purchased the Chinese rights to my novel The Rice Paper Diaries, and they plan to proceed with a translation in the near future. My book will be the first in a series of ten modern classics from Wales.

It is my hope that translation on this scale, not only of my own work, but of other Welsh and English-language titles from Wales, will create a readership in China for Welsh writing."

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