Sarah Younan - chain-installation - Bandung Residency - 2014

Younan, Sarah

Igniting Potential: Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennial, Bandung Residency

Sarah Younan was supported to participate in the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennial and the Bandung Residency.

Following the project, Sarah said:

"This project, the residency and participation in the third Jakarta International Ceramics Biennial, was my first international appearance of note as an artist. The level of art in Indonesia positively surprised me; not only are there a number of excellent Indonesian artists, art also seems to be held in high regard across all parts of Indonesian society. In addition the distinction between art and craft we struggle with in the UK is of no relevance in Indonesia, where the two are not regarded as separate categories. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Indonesia, in both Bandung and Jakarta, and was inspired by the culture and people I met.

A total 72 artists (40 Indonesian and 30 International artists) participated in JCCB, I made good connections with artists from Bandung, Jogjakarta, India, the Netherlands, Japan and Singapore. I also made good connections with the organisers and curators of the event, including Rifky Effendi (who curated the Indonesian pavilion at the last Venice Biennial) and Asmujo Irianto.

The JCCB provided an excellent platform to work and exhibit in an international environment, my residency and work received good exposure and this residency has led to further international opportunities. None of this would have been possible without the Wales Arts International grant.

Link for JCCB catalogue:

I have plans to return to Indonesia, I have met curators, artists, collectors and university lecturers and feel confident that I have enough of a personal and professional base there to return to the country for further collaborations.

I had previously exhibited in the student section of the British Ceramics Biennial twice; at the JCCB I was one of the feature artists. This presents a major shift for me and gave my work excellent exposure, which I hope to build on in the future.

One of the curators, Asmujo Irianto, has already invited me back to participate in a residency series he is personally curating. I have also been invited to take part in another residency at Jatiwangi Art Factory (

Aside from the professional opportunities this residency provided for me I have also greatly benefited on a personal level. Working and living as an artist in a new culture is exciting. I have never felt so challenged and inspired before, this has been an incredible experience, which has left me feeling full of confidence and energy."

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