Emberton, Gwyn


Gwyn Emberton worked on a multinational level, collaborating with dancers and choreographers in Israel and Sweden. Each participant hosted workshops in their own countries and travelled to participate in the others between September and November 2014.

Gwyn said:

"With the support of Wales Arts International I was able to spend three weeks on a cross border and artist led collaborative project, working with three international dancer/choreographers who are all in similar positions in their careers to me; at the beginning of their choreographing careers whilst still performing.

We created a new work together that was concerned with exploring each-others’ creative ideas that would allow us to extend our own choreographic practices and ideas. By using our different cultural histories and dance knowledge we developed new processes and starting points from which to create.

In addition to this the support from WAI gave me the opportunity to present my own work alongside the joint work in both Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm) and in Tel Aviv, Israel. We also gave many workshops in each city sharing the collaborative process with dancers and students.

I was also able to develop and grow my network of dancers, schools, choreographers, directors and venues in each of the cities".

Plans for future collaborations are already under way.


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