Tyson, James

Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter - (August 2014), Tokyo, Japan

James Tyson was supported to participate in a 3 week residency with Gekidan Kaitaisha in Tokyo in August 2014.

"I travelled to Tokyo for a period of three and a half weeks for the purpose of making a collaborative performance with the group Gekidan Kaitaisha to include six public performances at the company’s Sanaizaka studio. The element that I was specifically preparing was from the script that I wrote "Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter" and with which I have been working with Gekidan Kaitaisha and other collaborators internationally since 2012. For this residency the performer Brian Mendes from the acclaimed theatre group New York City Players also joined us (through the support of the Asia Cultural Council in USA) to make the work.

Brian and I worked each day for two weeks on our part. In the evenings we joined the rehearsals of Gekidan Kaitaisha working on the integration of our element within the show they were preparing, "Infant 2". This was a rare and fascinating experience that brought into focus many critical issues relating to different cultures and ways of working: exploring issues of translation, as well as more fundamental questions of individuality and communication that began to emerge in very tangible ways when trying to develop forms of communication between a New York actor and Tokyo performers, each with such different traditions and understandings of individuality, presence, language…

I am so grateful to Wales Arts International for supporting this continuation of the project which they initially supported in 2012 when I first visited Tokyo to work with Kaitaisha. It has been fascinating and wonderful to see the project evolve and artists from other countries join the project, a process which I hope to focus on now for its next stages in the Wales and hopefully internationally."

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