Angharad Matthews - Tokyo Space Dance

Matthews, Angharad

The ‘Tokyo Space Dance’ project took place over one month in Tokyo, Japan. During this time the project was divided into 5 main areas of work.

1. Studio R & D and preparation - based at Tetsuro Fukuhara’s studio in Kanamachi and working with 5 dance artists.

2. Location space dance, rehearsal and preparation – visiting a number of different locations including rivers, bridges, parks, steps, town centres, sea sides, and shrines.

Please see website for photos and space dance film footage (English version still under construction)

3. New Butoh Space Dance Workshop - giving a 4 hour workshop to 3rd year students who had not experienced Butoh or space dance before at The Japan Women’s Collage of Physical Education in the Department of Movement Science.

4. Networking, and presentation - taking a trip to Niigata to the Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art KINARE.

5. Installation Performance for documentation and publicity - doing two promotion events at a Gymnasium in Tokyo, presenting and sharing the work and developments of New Butoh Space Dance.

During this project I discovered the importance of working away from home and collaborating with international artists. It is very easy to become stagnant in your work when not introduced to new and alternative approaches. It is important to be inspired and learn from others to create new working relationships and new ways of working to broaden your own artistic practice.

As to be expected working away from home was difficult at times. The language barrier was challenging, so communication was often hard and I'm sure some things were lost in translation, but working in a physical form allowed other ways of communication to develop.

"Being given this opportunity by Wales Arts International has allowed me to develop as an artist, a collaborator and as a person. It has definitely strengthened my performance practice, methodology, and my confidence as a choreographer." – Angharad Matthews.

WAI contributed funds which allowed Angharad Matthews to travel to Tokyo for a month in order to take part in the Tokyo Space Dance project.

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