Music Theatre Wales

Music Theatre Wales applied for funding to enable one of the Artistic directors of the company, Michael McCarthy, to undertake a research and development visit to Tongyeong and Seoul ahead of taking a performance there. It was crucial to have this time to develop relationships ahead of the performance of Greek, in 2015.

From their report:

"Michael was able to establish a strong relationship with the TIMF Artistic Director and Chief Executive, other key staff of the organisation and the technical team in the theatre. He was also able to visit the theatre space and establish how to achieve the performance. The level of communication and understanding between MTW and TIMF is now far deeper than it could ever have been without face-to-face meetings and discussion in detail and the project is at a much more advanced stage. TIMF were extremely good hosts and also made the most of Michael’s visit by taking him to visit the local Mayor, who is Chairman of the Festival and a critical funder. After being in Tongyeong for 2.5 days Michael travelled with the Festival Artistic Director to Seoul to meet with Martyn Fryer at the British Council to discuss the project and the level of funding required/available in Korea. Again, this was a critical meeting which enabled many more subtle issues to be raised and explored than would have been possible at a distance."

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