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Ty Cerdd - Music Centre Wales

World Music Days Korea

Ty Cerdd received support to send composer Peter Reynolds to attend World Music Days 2016 in Korea.

Following the visit, Ty Cerdd reported:

"The project involved a journey to attend the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) World Music Days (WMD) at Tongyeong, South Korea, as the delegate for Wales between 27-31 March 2016. The ISCM is a network of over sixty organisations in fifty different countries whose main work is concentrated into the WMD, held once every year in a different city. These were the first Music Days during which Wales was a member in its own right with a delegate representing the country. The first performance of work by a Welsh composer will be heard at the WMD in Vancouver, Canada, in November 2017. Wales was previously represented through the membership of Great Britain as a whole (including Scotland and Northern Ireland) and there has never been a work performed by a Welsh composer, during the UK’s membership dating back to 1923. Submissions from England alone consist each year of hundreds of entries, so Wales’s individual membership will allow it a more visible presence on the international stage.

Apart from the performances themselves, the main focus of the ISCM World Music Days consist an assembly of around fourteen hours of the sections, associate members, honorary members and officers. This assembly discusses and shapes policy, future plans, finance and other matters, provide forums for presentations from sections, newly proposed sections and vote on the election of new members of the executive. They also form working groups who evolve schemes and projects in the period of the WMD.

The project therefore was vital in helping to take the first stages in Wales becoming part of the process of the ISCM at an administrative and policy making level. In addition, it was an opportunity to assess at first-hand how the WMD functioned, particularly as the next stage will be to administer a call for scores from Wales for the next series meeting of the ISCM in November 2017.

Attending and taking part as a delegate in the meetings of the assembly not only was an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange idea with other delegates from across the world, but to also meet members of the executive committee. This in itself was useful for establishing the identity of Wales amongst those present but it was also useful in gathering information about how other countries (particularly those of a similar size and nature) operate musically and in terms of their own living composers. It also gave an insight into how they organised their own branches of the ISCM and was an excellent opportunity to establish relationships for future exchanges of information."

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