Anna Lewis

Davies, Rose

Printover 3 Continents, Islamabad, Pakistan

Printmaker, Rose Davies, was supported to undertake a collaborative residency in Islambad, Pakistan. On her return, Rose stated in her project report:

From April 2nd to 26th 2014, I travelled to Rawalpindi and worked in the Zaira Zaka Studio with one other Welsh and two Pakistani artists, Zaira Zaka, Atif Khan and Hannah Lawson. I worked with the group in an intensive programme of collaboration for the first 12 days of our stay, producing an exhibition of original prints for an exhibition at the Satrang Gallery in Islamabad. The exhibition generated a lot of interest and media coverage and was opened by the British Consulate. During the residency I produced two new full colour monotypes; two ‘ghost’ monotypes; a set of 4 drypoint etchings each in an edition of 8; 47 pastel drawings; 8 ink drawings; two prepared drypoint plates (not yet printed).

I had scheduled and informal meetings and visits to a number of organisations and professional artists including a visit and informal talk with senior managers, lecturers and students at the National College of Arts Rawalpindi. I met with the Directors of a number of galleries:- Khas, Nomad, Satrang and Gallery 6 in Islamabad. I was involved in an ‘Open Studio’ event for artists and invited printmaking students where we demonstrated a number of printmaking techniques I had brought with me from Britain – drypoint and full colour monotype. I also met one of the directors of the National Art Gallery.

I published a dedicated daily blog during the residency, followed by over 2000 subscribers – here’s the starting point - I have almost finished editing a short film made up of my drawings, which together form a journey. I recorded sound while I was there and I will edit this as a soundtrack to the film. This will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel and disseminated via my blog and social networking media.

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