Anna Lewis

Theatr na n'Óg

Theatr na N’Og received support to undertake a 12 day visit to Singapore (Nov 25 - Dec 6) to perform 'You Should Ask Wallace', their celebration of the life of scientist Alfred Russel Wallace.

Following the trip, Geinor Styles said:

"This project was the accumulation of a the years celebrations to commemorate the life of Alfred Russel Wallace which saw us perform to 800 people whilst in Singapore. perform to 12 day visit to Singapore.

Our Main objectives were:

To perform our play during the anniversary year of Alfred Russel Wallace's death

To highlight the importance of this little known Welsh scientist on an international stage

To promote theatr na nÓg beyond its traditional borders

To explore new methods of collaborating with non-theatrical institutions to develop new audiences for our work

To share our methods of creating theatre that engages a wider audience through subjects such as science and history

To explore new ways of developing an online resource which can be accessed globally

To perform our production of our play "You Should Ask Wallace", which will highlight the importance of the Welsh scientist Alfred Russel Wallace to that particular area of the world, and how, in his explorations of that region, he discovers the Theory of Evolution which compelled Darwin to publish The Origin of Species.

Alfred Russel Wallace is held in such high regard in the region, it was an incredibly proud to be a Welsh Company presenting him to this appreciative and informative audience. We were part of a permanent exhibition at the Science Centre, and whilst there the announcement of the opening of the Singapore Natural history Museum was made, and the Wallace story is part of that exciting new development.

It was also an opportunity to showcase our work to an International audience. Audiences from not only Singapore but Malaysia too saw the performance. We had the opportunity to discuss how the play developed and the work of Theatr na nÓg with young people in South West Wales, in particular our collaborations Museums and Botanic Gardens in Wales, and how live theatre can engage audiences and visitors to their venues.

In addition to the play we attended meetings with the education and participation departments of the museum to discover new methods of developing live theatre to engage with the science community. To explore ways of how theatre can communicate practices and theories to engage audiences into the world of science.

The Science Centre was extremely impressed with how the young people interacted with the actor and the story, which is something new for them in Singapore, but something, which they would want to explore further. We were invited to present our other young people productions in the future.

They saw the production as an ideal way to engage young people to theatre, which has a historical and scientific context.

We were invited to perform at the British High Commissioners Residence by the publishing firm Taylor and Francis, one of the world's leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, ebooks and reference works spanning all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Science and Technology. Tis evening was extremely prestigious for us to not only highlight the life of ARW but also to present Theatr na nÓg on this international stage. The Ambassador for Singapore was very impressed and believed that there was scope for our work to tour schools in the region.

As a company that currently provides digital resources for schools, this connection it enabled us to explore methods of collaborating with one of the world's leading publishers of online journals and eBooks to enhance our work for schools and to discover new ways of exploiting our resources further afield to create an additional income.

We also were able to see the work of The Singapore Repetory Theatre and also Pangdemonium – two very established theatre companies in Singapore and to discuss future projects."

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