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Eligibility Questionnaire for Individuals

This page helps you find out if you are eligible to apply to us for funding.

As the national arts development and funding organisation for Wales, we are determined to see our funding being used for the benefit of the people of Wales.

Naturally we want our funding to go to the best arts projects. And as guardians of public money we also need to satisfy ourselves that we are funding visionary, talented and creative individuals with the experience and skills to manage projects successfully.

We also want to be certain that funded individuals are able to demonstrate the impact of the artistic work they produce and deliver.

Can you apply to us for funding?

Although we try to make our application processes as user friendly as possible, we know that putting together a strong application takes time and effort. We therefore try to discourage from the outset any individuals who are not likely to be eligible for our support.

The checklist below will help you to find out if you are eligible to apply for funding. If you are eligible you’ll be able to register to use our online application system. However, even if you’re ineligible for funding we’ll do our best to offer advice on how to find other support for your project.

You are likely to be eligible if you can answer "Yes" to all of the following statements:

  • I live in Wales. (By this we mean resident in Wales with a permanent address.)
  • I am a professional artist or practitioner whose work is mainly based in Wales.
  • I am over 18.
  • I am not in full-time education (either at school, college or university).
  • I can provide evidence of my track record of creating artistic work for presentation to audiences. (By this we mean people who attend galleries, theatres and other arts events.)
  • I have an awareness and understanding of Equal Opportunities. I can provide evidence of how I reflect equality and diversity in my creative work.
  • I am not in default on any financial agreement with Arts Council of Wales.

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