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Changes to Immigration Rules

Changes to Immigration Rules

Home Office immigration rules pre-dating 06 April 2012 do not permit business or creative activities to be undertaken as a visitor where the individual receives a fee payment. However, from 06 April 2012 the Home Office is amending the visitor rules to create a new category for a small number of pre-arranged, specified permitted activities which will allow the visitor to receive fee payment.

The new route ("permitted paid engagements") will cater for a limited group of migrants who are invited to come to the UK because of their particular skill or expertise. The individual must be able to show that they have a formal invitation to carry out the engagement, and that the specific activity relates to their area of expertise and/or qualifications, and full-time occupation overseas. The permitted activities include:

  • Professional artists, entertainers or sports-persons carrying out an activity relating to their main profession (e.g. artists exhibiting and selling their works; authors doing book signings; entertainers giving one-off or a short series of performances and sports-persons providing guest commentary in their field of sport).
  • Professionals invited by a UK higher education institution or other research or arts organisation to give one or a short series of paid lectures in their field of expertise as a visiting lecturer.
  • Examiners/assessors invited to participate in and/or chair a selection panel as part of that institution or organisation’s quality assurance processes.

Overview of the new route:

  • One month leave to enter: invited to undertake pre-arranged fee-paid engagements permitted within this period
  • No formal sponsorship required
  • Engagement to be evidenced by invitation, and to show that it relates to the individual’s expertise and/or qualifications, and main occupation overseas
  • Visa nationals are required to apply for entry clearance (single entry visa issued)
  • No switching into other categories or extensions of leave permitted when in country
  • Must be a genuine visitor and intend to leave after one month

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