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Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales and WOMEX present “world music and Wales” at Hay festival

Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales and WOMEX present “world music and Wales” at Hay festival

Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales & WOMEX 13 present a performance by the ground breaking act 9Bach as part of the world renowned Hay Festival. Taking place in The Sound Castle on 6 June at 4pm, this free but ticketed event will give Hay audiences a taster of what to expect when the WOMEX world music expo comes to Wales next year.

9Bach rework traditional Welsh language folk song into a contemporary, stark sound. Following the success of their debut album they appeared at many festivals in Europe, including Womad UK and Spain, the Green Man festival, and Celtic Connections.

Most recently, 9Bach have been involved in a unique project, Mamiaith - Mother Tongue, with the Australian Aboriginal arts collective The Black Arm Band Company. They share a common experience exploring music connections and the preservation of language and culture through music and song and will premier at BT River of Music as part of the the London 2012 Festival.

These themes of cultural sustainablity in world music and the experiences of 9Bach in Australia will be explored at a panel session at The Moot, on the main literary site at Hay on Wye, on the day of the concert at 11.30am and is also free. The concert at Hay will also preview new songs from 9Bach’s forthcoming second album.

Eluned Haf, Director of Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales said:

"9Bach’s growing international work is a tribute to their musicianship as well as their creative interpretation of stunning Welsh folk songs and it will be a perfect concert for Hay. At the panel we’ll discuss how, as well as being musically exciting, the collaboration with the Black Arm Band collective in Australia is of global importance in cultural and social terms. It celebrates the cultural diversity issue and raises consciousness around the need to protect and promote the cultural diversity of the planet at a time when hundreds of languages become extinct every year and as the Welsh language is considered endangered by Unesco’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger of Disappearing published earlier this year."

9Bach’s performance and panel at Hay is the latest event presented by WOMEX and its Cardiff 2013 hosts Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales, a partnership between the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Music Foundation. WOMEX , - described by Unesco, the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, as "The most important international professional market of world music of every kind"- comes to the Welsh Capital between 23-27 October 2013 and will feature a delegation of some 2700 music professionals and around 60 showcases of world music over four days.

Martin Hoyland of 9 Bach added:

"We played Womex 2010 when it was in Copenhagen and it's been an incredible eighteen months since touring and collaborating in Australia on Mamiaith. We’ll be sharing some of those experiences with the Hay audience and are looking forward to being part of WOMEX in Wales next year"

Tickets for the event are free and can be reserved at: www.hayfestival.com/p-4792-womexpresents-9-bach.aspx


For further information and interview opportunities please contact Becci Scotcher : Becci@welshmusicfoundation.com


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