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Cerys counts down to WOMEX in Wales

Cerys counts down to WOMEX in Wales

With one year to go until Wales hosts the World Music Expo WOMEX, Cerys Matthews, singer and BBC broadcaster, will start the WOMEX 13 Cardiff countdown this Thursday at this years’ WOMEX in Thessalonika.

In Greece, Cerys will be giving WOMEX delegates personal invites to Cardiff in the guise of a collection of great Welsh songs she has handpicked on a CD given alongside the best selling world music magazine Songlines, where Cerys is a column writer. The Cerdd Cymru:Music Wales curator for next year’s WOMEX in the Welsh Capital says of the CD:

"In October 2013 Wales and our music will be on show to the world when the World Music Expo is hosted right here in Cardiff. I want to leave the World Music delegates smiling, wondering and curious about our plaintive but passionate, harmony- soaked, land -of -song of ours and help them discover our new and ancient traditions.

"We will welcome visitors to this lesser known Celtic land, to bask under the shadows of Dylan Thomas, Aneurin Bevan, and Sir Tom Jones, to experience terrace singing at full voice, pints of 'skull attack' ale, a cockle or two, leeks, daffodils and to be dazzled by our flag's red dragon. But I also want to make sure they are privy to our subtler charms too, and so delight in a fine turn of phrase, a lilt of a lullaby, and bathe in the yearning melodies of dreaming souls, because amidst the mountains, streams and coastal rocks survive a tribe of people whose love for strict meter poetry and harmony singing is still very much in evident even as we tweet our way through the 21st Century...'

With the spotlight on Wales, the Cerdd Cymru : Music Wales led delegation, along with Cerys will help delegates find out more about Cardiff, Wales and our music. Find out more about Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales and WOMEX 13 here


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