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News Release WOMEX

News Release WOMEX

26 October 2013

Cerdd Cymru



WOMEX 13 Wales will end on Sunday after a spectacular and extremely successful world music expo and showcase festival in Cardiff. As the host team Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales prepare to hand over the WOMEX baton to Santiago de Compostela, host for WOMEX 14, work begins on evaluating the cultural and economic impact of the event for Wales.

At today’s press conference, Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales passed on their good wishes to the Galician Government and organizing team for next year’s event. The link between Wales and Galicia goes back a long way, both being Celtic nations. In the very north of Wales, on Anglesey, there is a tradition of baking a type of shortbread in shells found on the beach. They are known as Cacennau Saint Iago - St James’s cakes, as pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela wore a scallop shell as a hat badge. The route between both nations is well trodden.

Phil Sheeran, Chairman of the Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales Project Board summed up the success of WOMEX 13 Cardiff for Wales:

"WOMEX 13 is the largest cultural event ever hosted by Wales, and on behalf of the Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales board and organising team, I would like to thank WOMEX for bringing this extraordinary festival and expo of world music to Wales and pay tribute to our partner organisations: Arts Council of Wales, Wales Arts International, Welsh Music Foundation, Cardiff Council, British Council and of course the Welsh Government for their support and vision. This event has been three years in the planning and it has taken sustained and focused effort by each and every member of our team and volunteers to deliver it. I thank them all for making WOMEX 13 an outstanding success for Wales, creatively, in terms of economic impact and the raising of Wales's profile as a cultural nation internationally. The effects of WOMEX in terms of cultural legacy for our music industry and the profile of Cardiff as a world cultural capital will be with us for years to come, and it has set a precedent and raised the bar high in terms of quality and ambition for attracting international cultural events to Wales.

We are delighted to announce that the interest in WOMEX 13 has exceeded all our expectations. Land of Song, our gala opening led by Cerys Matthews was the first WOMEX opening concert to allow public ticket sales. In all, we welcomed almost 800 music fans from Wales and the UK who joined WOMEX delegates for the event. Furthermore, the spectacle of Wales' music traditions from that performance have reached audiences far and wide through our broadcasting partnership with S4C and BBC and through international broadcasting associates via the EBU network. In all, WOMEX 13 will have enjoyed an unprecedented level of broadcast output - well over 30 hours of regional, national and international television and radio broadcast, with all that means in terms of profile raising for the event, for Wales and the musicians involved. Attendance at the nighttime showcase festival on Thursday and Friday exceeded our targets, helping to ensure that WOMEX 13 has contributed towards building a sound audience platform for future world music events in the capital.

One aim was to bring the world to Wales, which we have done. The other was to show Wales to the world, and we have certainly done that in a spectacular and memorable way, showcasing in all over 30 of our most talented and dedicated performers. I would like to pay tribute to them and to the music organisations and dedicated teams that have supported them through development and legacy activities to prepare not just for WOMEX 13, but for the international working that will clearly be an outcome of this event. It is impossible for us to account at this moment for how much business WOMEX 13 has delivered to Wales' artists and music businesses, but what we are seeing and hearing suggests that it will be significant.

While Wales is now passing the WOMEX baton to Galicia, the festivities are not ending here. Tomorrow, the Horizons tour launches across Wales taking five WOMEX international showcase acts along with five leading Welsh music groups on a tour across Wales. The work of supporting and developing our artists and music businesses continues, urging them to seek broader international horizons, and just last night, we announced a new legacy initiative between Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales and BBC Cymru Wales. This two year initiative entitled Horizons / Gorwelion will invest in emerging music talent in Wales and provide a platform for new Welsh music to reach audiences within and beyond our borders. The benefits and effects of WOMEX 13 upon the musicians, music businesses and cultural industry of Wales will be felt for many years to come."

Elements contributing to the success of the event for Wales include:

• Sell out opening concert performance and night time showcase festival

• Increase of 2% on last year in number of WOMEX delegates

• The largest international cultural event Wales has ever hosted dubbed an outstanding success in terms of economic impact and raising cultural profile of Wales: economic impact to the Welsh economy from WOMEX is estimated to be £3million: generated through the work of local production of the event and the involvement of local companies; accommodation and associated spend by delegates from over 98 countries and over 300 artists and 300 national and international journalists.

• Well over 30 hours of regional, national and international broadcast coverage

• Over 30 top Welsh musicians presented to the world

• Profile of Wales’ music traditions and heritage significantly raised internationally

• Welsh musicians doing international business and building networks at WOMEX

• Over 1000 companies from over 98 countries attended expo at Motorpoint arena to do business and network.

• A new two year legacy initiative agreed between Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales and BBC Wales to invest in emerging music talent in Wales and provide a platform for new Welsh music to reach audiences within and beyond our borders


• 2,250 delegates and 1260 companies from 90 countries.

• 800 concert and festival bookers, tour promoters and venues.

• 560 labels, publishers and distributors.

• 680 booking agents, 560 managers and 270 producers.

• 300 national and international journalists, including 130 radio broadcasters.

• A bustling Trade Fair with 590 exhibiting companies from 50 countries at 250 stands.

• More than 60 Showcase acts with more than 300 artists from over 40 countries on 7 stages.

• The second WOMEX DJ Summit with a specific Showcase & Conference programme dedicated to global club music.

• 80 speakers and mentors from 25 countries in over 20 Conference Sessions; numerous Networking Meetings, Presentations, Receptions and South Africa Speed-Dating.

• Film Screenings in cooperation with IMZ - International Music + Media Centre, Austria.

• Three WOMEX Awards honouring Los Van Van from Cuba; Festival au Désert, Mali; and label of the year, Riverboat Records/World Music Network, based in UK.

• The WOMEX Webcast, in cooperation with Mondomix, France.

• The WOMEX Radio Studio organised by BBC (UK), NRK (Norway), rbb (Germany, Berlin), and WDR (Germany, Cologne); and recordings of the Showcase Festival for distribution within the EBU, produced by BBC (UK).

Further detailed evaluation will be undertaken over the coming months to assess the impact of the event. Partner organisations will also be supporting Wales’ artists and music industry to capitalise on business contacts and potential international performance and work deals and opportunities.

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For further information, please contact:

Angharad Wynne

Angharad@angharadwynne.com / 07786256722

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