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Theatr Na Nog is Asia bound!

Theatr Na Nog is Asia bound!

Neath Port Talbot based Theatr na nÓg is preparing to leave the green green grass of home to perform its one-man show, 'You Should ask Wallace' at the Science Centre in Singapore at the British High Commissioners Residence at the end of November funded by Wales Arts International.

' You Should Ask Wallace,' is the story of Alfred Russel Wallace, performed by Ioan Hefin. The play was created as an introduction for young people, not only to the theory of evolution, but also as an insight into the life of a renowned Victorian naturalist, who discovered the theory of evolution. He then shared the idea with Charles Darwin - and as they say, the rest is history.

Wallace's fascination with botany and natural history began in the valleys around Neath, and his passion for collecting insects took him first to the Amazon, and then on to The Malay Archipelago, where he collected prolifically new and wonderful species not known to man. Then whilst suffering from Malaria, he formalises his thoughts on the origin of species and discovers the theory of evolution.

Geinor Styles, Theatr na nÓg’s Artistic Director explained that: ' It is this Malaysian connection that brought the play to the interest of Daniel Tan Teck Meng, Senior Exhibition Manager at the Science Centre. He contacted Theatr na nÓg, on the recommendation of George Beccaloni - the curator of the Wallace Fund at the Natural History Museum in London. Daniel requested to read the play, with a view to us performing it as part of an exhibition to celebrate the centenary of Wallace's death.'

And she adds, that performing the drama abroad is an opportunity not to be missed to raise the international profile of original work created here in Wales.

'We can share ideas and good practices of working with organisations, who endeavour to broaden the appeal of theatre through subjects such as science and history.’
The star of the production – Ioan Hefin, is eagerly looking forward to performing to an international audience.

‘ The acknowledgement Wallace has received in Singapore proves more of his unique virtues than the lack of acknowledgement that exists here in Wales and Britain. He was a man of the people. A man who was willing to reach further than the scientific, social, international, religious, philosophical and educational boundaries. Even though we’ve travelled to the other side of the world, we will share the admiration and findings of Wallace, and this will tie and cut across our differences. I will really miss that when the tour comes to an end.

‘ I have met several interesting and inspiring people. I will miss them, but my life will have gained largely from the opportunities of meeting, agreeing, disagreeing, sharing and remembering a man whose kind we will never meet again.’

‘ You Should Ask Wallace’ will be performed at the Science Centre in Singapore on Saturday, November 30th at 4.30pm; Sunday, December 1st at 11.30am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm as well as Monday, December 2nd at 2.30pm.


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