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Ballet Nimba wins Documentary Short Award at SVAFF

Ballet Nimba wins Documentary Short Award at SVAFF

Supported by WAI’s International Opportunities Funded, Idrissa Camara, the charismatic dancer and choreographer behind Ballet Nimba, returns from Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF) winning the Documentary Short Award for their recent film FareTa: Land of Dance. You can watch the trailer on Ballet Nimba's Youtube Channel.

The Silicon Valley African Film Festival has developed into a community for African filmmakers, both seasoned and emerging, and has become known as a ‘Mecca for thousands of immigrant Africans, diaspora Africans and friends of Africa’ in the United States. Titled ‘Africa through African lenses’, the aim of SVAFF is to promote African culture, ideas exchange and collaboration, and host individual cultural dialogues with new audiences.

Fare Ta: Land of Dance aims to document dance in Guinea, West Africa, and pose the question of what is meant by "traditional" African dance.

"Dancing is part of our identity, it’s part of who we are, how we express ourselves."

Idrissa Camara commented, ‘I am really delighted to win this award. The film is my first attempt at documenting the rich culture of my homeland, and it was made possible by being awarded a bursary as part of my ADAD Trailblazer Fellowship (Association of Dance of the African Diaspora) and funding from Esmee Fairbairn which allowed me to travel back to Guinea and further immerse myself in the music and dance culture.’

‘The film itself is very low tech, filmed by myself and friends and with the voice over recorded on my mobile, but it has inspired people because of the amazing spirit of the Guinean artists. I want to dedicate the award to all the Guinean artists past and present who I've had the privilege to know and particularly to the young female flautist Fanta Keita, who sadly passed away not long after finishing this film. I am really passionate about portraying positive images of Africa particularly at this time when disease and poverty is having a devastating effect on Guinea. I would like to thank my lovely wife Lowri Myrddin who is producer on this film, Ruslan Pilyarov for editing, The Silicon Valley African Film Festival for screening the film and Wales Arts International for making it possible for me to attend."

Fare Ta: Land of Dance was recently screened at Chapter Cinema as part of the Wales Dance Platform, and hosted by Tavaziva Dance at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London.


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