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Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch returns to Catalonia

Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch returns to Catalonia

On April 18 and 19, actors Ffion Wyn Bowen and Mark Roberts will return to Catalonia to perform ‘Where The Leaves Blow’. Having performed in Malorca, in the ‘Fiet 2014’ Festival in October, Arad Goch is delighted to be invited to return to Catalonia, to perform in it’s largest theatre Festival, ‘La Mostra’. Ffion and Mark will perform six performances in Welsh and Catalan. 05 Feb 2015

Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch returns to Catalonia

"It’s fantatsic to be invited back to Catlaonia to perform to a new audience in the highly regarded ‘La Mostra’ festival. Having performed the production in Russia, Tunisia and South Korea, as well as Malorca, it’s been qute a challenge to learn and to perform in various languages. It’s fantatsic to have the opportunity to use my Cataln once again, especially as it’s another minority language" Ffion Wyn Bowen

‘Where The Leaves Blow’ was developped in 2012 as part of a trilogy of interactive theatre performances for children aged 3 to 7. During the hour long performance, the audience meet two characters, Pegi and Deri, a male and female who are very different; one likes peace and quiet and likes to be tidy, the other likes noise and mess!

Both characters have to learn to share a space and learn to compromise, to share, to respect each other and to try to become friends – themes that the young audiences can relate to!

The interactive element is one of the main factors that has inspired ‘La Mostra’ and other international festival organisers to programme the performance in their own festivals. Interactove theatre is ‘new’ and exciting for many international audiences and practitioners.

There is no doubt that Arad Goch is succeeding to put Wales on the world map. As a result of AGOR DRYSAU – OPENING DOORS, it’s own International Performing Arts Festival for Young Audiences in Wales, Arad Goch is promoting Welsh theatre to the world and allowing Young people in Wales to experience some of the best performances from all corners of the globe.

During his visit to ‘La Mostra’, Arad Goch’s Artistic Director, Jeremy Turner, will be searching for performances from Catalonia to programme in AGOR DRYSAU – OPENING DOORS 2017.

"Arad Goch has been invited to perform in several countries over the past 25 years – working with International artists and other cultures is an important aspect of our work as we continue to put Welsh culture on the world map" Jeremy Turner.

It is important to note that the investment given to Arad Goch by the Arts Council of Wales to develop it’s work, now allows Arad Goch to attract funding to Wales from other countries, such as the performances fees which are paid to the company during overseas visits.

In a challenging economic climate, the International interest in the comapny’s work, on a practical and financial level, proves that Arad Goch continues to be known as one of the best companies in the world in terms of producing and performing theatre work for young audiences.

In 2016 Arad Goch will be performing in Mexico! Hasta manana!


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