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The Voice of Culture, European Commission

The Voice of Culture, European Commission

The Voice of Culture is a new framework for cultural organisations to engage in dialogue directly with the European Commission, on five set topics which have been chosen directly from the Work Plan for Culture 2015-18. The results of the discussions will inform culture policy work at European Commission level.

The five themes will focus on: ‘audience development via digital means’, ‘participatory governance of cultural heritage’, and three others yet to be confirmed. Forty representatives from across the EU member states will be selected to convene at a brainstorming session, in an aim to represent a broad diverse spread of voices. The results from said brainstorming session will be published in a policy paper and later discussed at a ‘dialogue meeting’ in Brussels with the selected representatives of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) workflow groups.

In addition to the five themes, online consultations will be carried out for public response.

The OMC is a closed group of experts from ministries of culture and national cultural institutions that meet five or six times a year to share good practice and produce policy manuals or toolkits. Through this exchange, the European Commission maintains a regular dialogue with the society of its member states. A very recent publication from the OMC examines the state of artists’ residencies across the EU member states: http://www.goethe.de/ins/be/prj/voc/enindex.htm

The Voice of Culture is being run by a consortium of the Goethe-Institute in Germany, ELIA (the leading independent network for HEI) and Flagery,a cultural centre in Brussels.


- 25 March 2015

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