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Alan Harris in Celtic Shorts, Atlanta.

Alan Harris in Celtic Shorts, Atlanta.

Last year, Alan Harris was supported by Wales Arts International through the International Opportunities Fund to collaborate and create a performance of ‘Scythe of Time’. He was invited back to the US to work on another piece for the Celtic Shorts Festival in March 2015. Here’s some more information about what he did in the Arís theatre, Atlanta, in March and some notes from the director, Pam Joyce.

Arís theatre has presented an exciting showcase of four short plays by writers from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. They were:

Fifteen Minute Hamlet by Tom Stoppard

Parklife by Alan Harris,

Ramallah by David Grieg

Stop/Over by Gary Duggan.

The director of Parklife by Alan Harris is Pamela Joyce. Pam is the theatre’s most experienced director; she is currently a professor of Theatre at Kennesaw State University, and for several years she was the managing director of Fly-By Theatre here in Atlanta. She has directed shows at other Atlanta theatres as well, including Actor’s Express, CenterStage North, and DramaTech. She has assistant directed several plays at the Alliance, and has collaborated with Essential Theatre and Working Title Playwrights.

Pam desribes her directing style as a mixture of traditional and realistic directing rooted in motivations and actions, and of physical theatre, which uses movement and gesture to tell the story. She says she is a minimalist and prefers to create story with the body and the imagination where the audience can fill in the gaps.

This is what Pam has to say about the play, Parklife by Alan Harris: "The script is really open. There are six encounters with people in a park. There is minimal language. It could be anyone, anywhere. It allows for a lot of creativity from the actors and director to fill in the blanks. Of course the Welsh accent is a fun challenge for Atlanta based actors who never get the opportunity to play with this skill. The accent will help ground us in a location while the scenarios suggest anyone anywhere."

Arís • www.aristheatre.org


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