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Festival Interceltique Lorient: presentation of the 2018 poster

Festival Interceltique Lorient: presentation of the 2018 poster

Wales - Country of honour 2018

From 3 – 12 August 2018, the 48th edition of the Lorient Interceltic Festival will bring together the Celtic nations from around the world, with Wales being this year’s country of honour. In keeping with tradition, the poster for the festival celebrates the country of honour. The associated visual will be used on all forms of communication and advertising. We outline our creative process and intentions below...


In designing a visual for Wales, it would be impossible not to refer to the dragon that proudly adorns the Welsh flag. Here, he brings a sense of power to the visual: he is depicted with his mouth open, ready to set the streets of Lorient ‘alight’! The contours of the dragon are drawn from the harp and the harpist’s clothing. The creature has scales, as if he has just emerged from the depths of the sea. This brings an element of movement and recalls the maritime connection between Brittany and the British Isles. The dragon, with his jovial expression and graphic design reminiscent of children’s books, is the mascot for this year’s edition.


The slogan of this year’s country of honour is ‘The Land of Arthur, bardic songs and the memories of our ancestors’ and played an essential role in the creative process and design of the visual. The symbol of the harpist represents this transmission of the culture and history of Wales through songs and stories. The harp is the preferred instrument at Welsh parties


Wales abounds in fossils, slate and shale. The visual evokes this mineral aspect in the textured background that features different shades of green, again a reference to the colours of the Welsh flag .


The aim of this poster is to represent a distinctive element of Wales: the red dragon coupled with a powerful cultural heritage— an oral tradition—that is more abstract and therefore, difficult to represent. The visual merges these two elements into a single one: half-dragon, half harpist. Some people will see the dragon first, others the harpist. This playful dimension or dual interpretation highlights the multi-facetted nature of this year’s country of honour.

3 - 12 August 2018


Festival Interceltique Lorient
Rue Pierre Guergadic
56 100 Lorient

Tel: 33 (0) 2 97 21 24 29

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