Edwards, Jonathan

Toronto Comic Art Festival, Canada, and research, Tokyo, Japan

Jonathan applied for funding for him and his collaborator, Louise Evans, for two visits – Tokyo in March 2015 and Toronto in May 2015.

"The purpose of our Japan trip was to meet up with other artists for future collaborations and to visit galleries in Tokyo for a forthcoming exhibitions. Part of the trip was funded by the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival so we visited three schools on their behalf giving a presentation to the students and then working with them on producing work inspired by our work. The three schools were all very different - The Japanese Korean School in Shinjuku (where we taught over 600 primary school children to say "Da Iawn!"), the American School in Japan and the St Maur School in Yokohama - but all very enjoyable in their own way. We’ve been sent work and had correspondence from the students at all three schools since our return home."

Jonathan and Lowri also met with galleries and artists in Tokyo, had radio interviews and researched fabrics for future work. Other meetings involved filmmakers, illustrators and toy designers. They also participated in a drawing event. Jonathan said:

"It’s impossible to emphasise how important it is to meet up with people face to face especially when dealing with people in another country. Our Japanese is very basic but it’s much easier to speak to people rather than attempt to contact them via email. We were overawed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the contacts we made in Japan. Katsuya Kurosawa in particular. He set up meetings and introduced us to artists and organisations that would have been impossible for us to do with our profile in Japan".

Speaking about Toronto, Jonathan explained:

"Our trip to Toronto consisted of 2 days exploring the city before the festival which we spent sketching and taking photographs ready for work based on Toronto in the future. The festival itself, TCAF, was extremely busy. We met many North American artists, publishers, design agencies, people working in the film industry and animation companies (representatives from Nickelodeon). I spent a few hours live drawing in the UK pavilion which was filmed and projected on a large screen during the festival".

They have been offered further opportunities in both Japan and Toronto since their return.

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