Cynan Jones, Guadalajara Book Fair 2014

Wales Literature Exchange

Ffair Lyfrau Guadalajara 17/11/2014

This was a project to enable Cynan Jones to attend Guadalajara Book Fair in December 2014. Hi snovel, THE DIG, has been translated into Spanish by a publisher based in Madrid and Mexico City, Turner Libros. He was able to present the book to new audiences, and to conduct interview with press and media contacts to promote the book. This initial visit was so well received that Cynan was given an opportunity to make the most of the enthusiasm and momentum generated in Guadalajara to undertake further work in Madrid in February 2015.

Cynan commented on the project : "The opportunity to meet the people behind the Spanish edition was very important. It's vital to pick the right publishers going forward, but when it comes to translation deals the decision has to be made at a distance. Being able to meet the Turner team left me in no doubt they're the right people for my work…

It's a leap of faith for a publisher to take on a piece of work from another country, especially one as specific to Wales as mine. Hopefully, the great response from press and public, plus Turner's understanding of how I work having met me, will lead to more Spanish editions."

Watch Cynan speak about his work below:

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