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PEN Pregunta - Mexico

PEN Pregunta - Mexico 17/02/2015

Wales Arts International funding allowed Dylan Moore to travel to Mexico City on behalf of Wales PEN Cymru to participate not only in PEN Pregunta, a one-off public event which provided a platform for international writers and journalists to speak up for persecuted colleagues in Mexico, but also to participate in the Summit of the Americas, a major meeting of PEN International centres across the Americas and beyond.

Both of these events gave Dylan and, more importantly, Wales PEN Cymru as a new organisation, a prominent profile within the PEN International movement. We feel it is important for us as a centre in a country where speech is relatively free to be supportive of those nations where PEN’s work is urgent.

Dylan’s presence at and contribution to the events together with the associated networking opportunities has meant Wales PEN Cymru has solidified its links with PEN International and particularly PEN Mexico. It has also meant we now have friends and colleagues in, for example, Canada, Honduras, Brazil and Germany.

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