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Gwladfa Luned Rhys Parri

Luned Rhys Parri applied to travel to Patagonia in Argentina in November 2014 to research the people and the place to inform a new body of work. She also worked with Welsh language schools in Patagonia during her time there. This new work formed part of Plas Glyn y Weddw's main exhibition in 2015, Patagonia 150.

Here Luned discusses her experience:

My trip to y Wladfa (the Welsh settlement in Argentina) in November 2014 was funded by Wales Arts International and Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw. Arrangements were made beforehand for me to have access to Welsh homes there in order to gain a visual knowledge of the homes and lives of the settlement's inhabitants in the past and present.

Since I had never visited y Wladfa before I was not sure what to expect but I received an incredibly warm welcome to several houses. Seeing everything in the different homes was a very worthwhile and interesting experience - a far better experience than seeing images in a book or on television.

As I observed the various objects - dishes, textiles, articles from Wales, books etc mixed in with similar Spanish items, it became evident to me how important the two cultures are to the inhabitants of Patagonia - the Welsh and Argentinian culture.

As I was only in Patagonia for a fortnight, unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to visit the indigeneous people’s homes in this vast province.

I made a determined effort to get to know some of the women in y Wladfa through volunteering to work in the Welsh-medium schools - Ysgol yr Hendre, Trelew and Ysgol Feithrin Y Gaiman.

I took many different photographs of the houses and their inhabitants. Upon my return to Wales and having had the opportunity to browse through these photos, I endeavoured to describe what I saw in the form of a photographic collage which I set as a background to each piece of work, with the characters whom I met being created in a three-dimensional form. The work was exhibited in Oriel Glyn y Weddw during May, June and July 2015. A number of the people whom I met in Patagonia had the opportunity to see themselves in these pictures! Their feedback was very valuable to me!

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