Wales Arts International and Creative Europe Desk Wales, in partnership with On the Move, are hosting a workshop to explore European cultural networks and the value of connecting internationally. 


As an individual artist or as an organisation, membership of an international network can bring multiple benefits and new opportunities. They are a place to meet and share ideas with peers; to collaborate, learn, exchange - and many lead to future international artistic collaborations and partnerships.


The aim of this workshop is to present some of these European networks, platforms and projects; and to understand how they can contribute to the work of cultural organisations and individuals. The workshop will be facilitated by Marie Le Sourd and Yohann Floch (biogs below). 


Despite the challenges posed by both the Covid-19 pandemic and the UK’s exit from the EU, there are opportunities for individual creative practitioners and arts organisations from Wales to join many European networks and events. It’s a crucial time to develop and support new relationships with partners across the continent. 


This workshop is supported by Wales Arts International, Creative Europe Desk Wales and Welsh Government.



Who can join and how?

The workshop is open to Wales based individual creative practitioners and arts organisations from the contemporary performing arts, music and visual arts sectors, who are looking to find out more about the opportunities that joining a European cultural network can bring. 

In addition, participants will have the option for a future mentoring session through On the Move as a follow up to the workshop.

Please note, as there are limited places we can only accept one participant from any single organisation.


Register here:



When and where?

Wednesday 9 December 2020 09:30-12:30 GMT via zoom.

Please note participants must be available to commit to the whole workshop.

Registration for this event will close on Friday 4th December at 17:00 GMT




Marie Le Sourd is the Secretary General of On the Move, the cultural mobility information network in Europe and internationally, since 2012. Prior to this position, she directed the French Cultural Centre in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2006 - 2011) and worked in Singapore for the Asia-Europe Foundation - Cultural Department (1999 - 2006).


Over the years Marie Le Sourd has sharpened her expertise on international cultural cooperation and particularly the mobility of artists and culture professionals, covering all disciplines. 


Since the end of 2014, she has strengthened her capacity to develop a new economic model to sustain OTM through the development of multiple forms of partnerships for publications, workshops and mentoring on internationalisation of practices (all disciplines), evaluations (including for networks such as IN SITU, IETM, European Theatre Convention etc.), ensuring that the cultural mobility platform's information provision service remain accurate and free for all users.


Yohann Floch is a cultural consultant for independent arts organisations and cultural institutions, also contributing to the activities of many international cooperation projects such as SHIFT (led by the European Music Council), i-Portunus (led by Goethe Institut), Innovative Leadership Network (led by Dansehallerne), RESHAPE (led by Onda), Autopistes (led by La Grainerie), CASA Circuits (led by Subtopia) among others.


He regularly leads workshops and seminars on cultural policy, international networking, capacity building and strategic management. He is for example one of the key resource-persons associated to the coaching of performing arts companies within a new internationalisation programme for the arts and cultural sector in France, funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Institut Français and coordinated by On the Move.


Yohann is also an expert for governmental bodies such as Arts Council Malta, Kulturrådet or Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen as well as foundations like the European Cultural Foundation, Fondation de France and other intermediary organisations active in advocacy, cultural mobility, fundraising, policy making and internationalisation strategies.


Finally, he leads FACE, an international platform facilitating international collaboration in the contemporary performing arts field and developing capacity building programmes for artists and culture professionals.