Invitation to tender to write a roadmap for a research project, which will develop a model for measuring the impact of international cultural activity on the goals of the Well-being of Future Generations Act



Wales Arts International is the international agency of the Arts Council of Wales.

We provide advice and support to artists and arts organisations from Wales who work internationally. We are a contact point for international artists organisations and agencies working in or connecting with Wales.

Our purpose is to:

  • ensure Welsh artists engage internationally;
  • help develop and enrich artistic practice, careers and ambition;
  • grow new global opportunities for the arts and culture of Wales;
  • invest in artistic collaborations that inspire and connect people in diverse communities in Wales.


The Context

The Well-being of Future Generation (Wales) Act 2015 is a landmark piece of legislation. It aims to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales by taking action, in accordance with the sustainable development principle. All 44 public bodies in Wales – including the Arts Council – have a statutory duty to embark on this journey of change, and to embed sustainable development into their organisations. We are proud to support Wales’ pioneering approach to sustainable development in placing culture at its heart as the fourth pillar along with environmental, economic and social sustainability.

As the development agency for the Arts in Wales, Arts Council of Wales and its international agency Wales Arts International have a fundamental and significant role in the realisation of the seven well-being goals.

The work of Wales Arts International is driven by our International Strategy for the Arts Council of Wales, which in turn answers to Arts Council of Wales’ Corporate Plan ‘For the Benefit of All’. These two strategies lay out our strategic priorities which will contribute to the well-being goals of the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Wales Arts International also works closely with Welsh Government on a range of programmes to assist in the delivery of Welsh Government’s International Strategy.


The Brief

It’s essential that public funds are spent on activities that provide the greatest possible cultural, economic and social benefit. We need to be able to explain – clearly and accurately – the impact that our investment is having in achieving our priorities. To help us to do this, we attach particular importance to monitoring and evaluation and its role in informing policy and project development.

Against the backdrop of Covid-19, Brexit, the Black Lives Matter movement and the climate crisis, it is more important than ever that we are able to justify our investment and capture outcomes and stories that we can use to measure its impact on the well-being agenda and the well-being economy.

Wales Arts International wishes to commission a research roadmap to guide the development of a larger scale research project which will consider the following questions:

What is a practical model for measuring the impact of culture on the well-being agenda, using the impact of international cultural activity on the Well-Being and Future Generations Act as a case study?

How can this model help individuals and organisations understand their contributions to the well-being goals?

This will include:

• Initial desk-top research into existing models and examples of good practice for measuring cultural impact to inform the roadmap

• Identify and develop relationships with key stakeholders and partners

• Liaising with Wales Arts International and with the arts sector across all art forms to make an initial assessment of what data is currently being gathered    on investment in international cultural activity

• Leading on the development and submission of a research proposal in conjunction with partners to address the questions outlined above. This will be submitted to the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre in January 2021

• Producing a roadmap to guide the development of the subsequent research project.


This roadmap needs to guide us towards developing an evaluation model which meets the following requirements:

  • Builds on the recommendations given in the evaluation report by Arad on our 2013-2018 International Strategy (this report is not publicly available but will be provided to the successful applicant)
  • Is practical and potentially transferable to individuals and organisations in the sector, and to other areas within the arts and beyond
  • Enables Wales Arts International to evaluate across the different project activities and investments we are involved in, and ultimately to report our progress against the seven well-being goals
  • Will inform our strategic planning and grant making processes
  • Works in tandem with Arts Council of Wales’s new Grant Management System which is due to be launched by January 2021



We envisage the project will begin in October 2020 and be completed as soon as is practicable before March 2021. Please provide a detailed timetable with your submission.



Wales Arts International can provide a maximum amount of £5,000 (including VAT) to support this work. There will be no additional funding available, so please ensure all potential project costs are included within your original budget.

WAI Contribution to the Project

Wales Arts International will provide access to information on international cultural activity we have funded and previous research we have commissioned. Where possible, Wales Arts International will assist with contacting the arts sector in Wales as appropriate.


Reporting Requirements

Ongoing contact with designated Wales Arts International Officers by phone/email.

Expected Outputs

1. a roadmap to a research project which will provide a practical model for measuring the impact of culture on the well-being agenda

2. submission of a research proposal in conjunction with partners to the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre in January 2021

3. A presentation, if requested, of the work to Wales Arts International officers and other stakeholders


We welcome the use of creative research methods and storytelling where appropriate.

The output from this commission will be the property of the Arts Council of Wales to utilise and distribute accordingly.


Proposal Submission Requirements

Please send us your proposal by email to Judith Musker Turner detailing the following:

  • Suggested approach to undertaking the project
  • Timescale for the project, including completion date
  • Details of who would be working on the project
  • Breakdown of the required number of days work and the daily rate
  • Fee for work on the project, including VAT



Successful bids will provide practical evidence of the following:

  • An understanding of the Arts Council of Wales and Wales Arts International’s priorities and what we’re trying to achieve
  • A thorough understanding of the Well-being and Future Generations Act
  • Experience of undertaking similar projects elsewhere
  • The capacity to begin the work quickly and to work intensively to meet challenging deadlines
  • An effective methodology that represents good value for money
  • A track-record of delivering complex projects to time and to budget


Decisions to award the work will be made by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Officers, and be based upon an assessment of fit with the requirements of this published brief.


Contract Details

There will be a fixed term contract for this work. Your proposed budget should include VAT (where appropriate) as well as travelling and other expenses directly incurred as a result of this project.


Further information

If you have any queries, please contact:

Judith Musker Turner, Development Officer


Tel: 02920 441 306



Deadline for submissions is 5.00pm on 30 September 2020 and interviews will be held virtually on 8 October 2020. If you are unavailable on this date please get in touch.


Please note any late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.