Through a long term partnership with India’s Gatecrash Music, WAI initiated and developed a tour of India in 2014 by jazz and Welsh folk band, Burum, that was designed to explore the potential for a long term creative exchange with musicians in India. The links with three acclaimed Indian musicians during the tour gave birth to Khamira, a collaboration bringing together Indian classical, Welsh folk and contemporary jazz.  An album was recorded in West Wales in summer 2016 with a tour that autumn in India, with headline performances at Goa International Jazz Festival and Kolkata International Jazz Festival and dates across the country. A UK and further India tour has been supported through the India Wales Fund.

"Blurring the edges of genres and cultures here feels entirely organic, summoning the seminal ’70s fusion experiments of John McLaughlin and Miles Davis...fifty-five minutes of extensive, instrumental splendour" - AP Reviews