* Please note the International Opportunities Fund and Connect Fund have been paused until further notice. In the meantime, some support is available in response to the coronavirus through the Cultural Recovery Fund offered either by the Arts Council of Wales or Welsh Government. *

International Opportunities Fund

We have a rolling fund called the International Opportunities Fund (IOF).

IOF supports Wales based professional arts practitioners and organisations to undertake international visits aimed at the development of international work and the presentation and delivery of artistic work outside the UK on receipt of an invitation from an international partner.

The fund operates on a rolling programme, which means there are no published deadlines.

See the full list of who we've funded by selecting your scheme on the link below. You can also filter all results.

Previously funded projects


Connect: European Networks Fund

The Connect fund supports the arts sector in Wales to develop, maintain and strengthen their links with key strategic partners in Europe.  

 Connect funding supports: 
 - attendance at and participation in an event organised by one of the established  European networks (typically an annual meeting/conference). This can be a network you are a member of, or one you are looking to join;

- attendance at a meeting or event organised by an informal European network of collaborating individuals or organisations that you are an active member of or are looking to work with.

Connect is part of a wider Welsh Government initiative, whose focus is looking at future relations with European regions, nations and networks beyond Brexit and will be open for applications until 15 March 2020. 

PRS Foundation's International Showcase Fund

We also partner with other organisations to provide funding for specific international work.

If you are an artist, band, songwriter or producer and have been invited to play an international showcasing festival or conference, you may be eligible for funding through PRS Foundation's International Showcase Fund in partnership with Wales Arts International. Find out more about the partnership here.

If you are eligible for this funding route, you may not apply to the International Opportunities Fund.

Please contact us if you are unsure which funding route is best for you.