In autumn 2020, as part of a series of focus groups by Arts Council of Wales to enact on our Black Lives Matter July 2020 statement, WAI held a series of conversations to re-imagine our international work in the context of a post-Pandemic world that is facing a Climate Emergency.

We are very grateful to Watch Africa Cymru for their report “Smooth Seas do not make Skilful Sailors” in response to our discussions. We agree with the recommendations of this report, and that Wales’ pioneering Well-being Act is an useful roadmap to deliver on our commitments to Wales’ Well-being Goals, Wales’ contribution towards the UN Global Goals.

Read Eluned Hâf ’s blog 'The art of wellness – doing small things that change the world' which refers this work.

Over the coming months we are looking to co-commission further reports from other minoritised groups. 

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