WAI supported Catrin Webster through the International Opportunities Fund (IOF) to undertake a month-long international residency in Buenos Aires in 2015.

'I received an offer of an International Residency, part funded by the host organisation URRA, to spend one month working in a studio in Buenos Aires, together with a group of 15 artists from around the world. I was keen to use the opportunity to generate a body of work, make full use of the exhibition opportunities as well as making the most of potential links with the other participants.

In the studio space I was able to work from digital drawings over photographs to construct large scale performative paintings. Obtaining materials which I would normally use was difficult and so I opted for working on cardboard sheeting which was available on large roles from the local DIY shops. This resulted in a new direction for my painting which was also enhanced through the development of an ongoing collaboration with Roy Efrat, an artist from Israel who combined performance, video and painting. His interests combined well with my own bringing a different perspective and skill base to my practice.

I have also acquired cardboard sheeting to experiment with as a painting surface in my Swansea studio using the city as inspiration and have started making urban walks in Swansea which I am applying the photographic and digital drawing process. My aim is to develop a new body of work from an experience of Swansea developed from the work made in Buenos Aires.

The opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires from Swansea enabled me to develop a number of new working practices leading to the completion of several art works. Roy Efrat and I have been invited to return together to Buenos Aires by URRA next year and we are hoping to develop a large scale international project together.'