Following the Referendum held in June 2016, the UK Government began the process of withdrawal from the European Union (EU). This is due to happen on 31 October

The UK’s departure from the EU will have significant implications for Welsh public bodies and the organisations and services that they support, as well as freelance and small companies working in the cultural sector. Many issues will be shared more widely across the cultural and heritage sector. But there are some that are specific  to the arts and creative industries.

The Arts Council of Wales remains firmly committed to international working in the arts. We will continue to champion the needs of the sector in any new European relationship, and we work in partnership with our sister organisations in the rest  of the UK to promote a coherent view of the issues affecting the sector.

Read the briefing note in full by clicking on the link below.

As the briefing note states:

"...Brexit is relevant to you...if you:

• tour, travel or work internationally 
• collaborate or co-produce with European partners  sell goods and services abroad
• import goods and services into Wales
• employ or contract EU citizens
• are affected by international regulation
• have plans to develop international relationships 

… then there will be important practical issues for you to consider"

Links to events participated in, and consultation responses or evidence provided by Arts Council Wales / Wales Arts International on the potential impact of Brexit on the arts in Wales:

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