As we look forward to the opening of the Rugby World Cup on the 20th of September, many other events will take place across various locations in Japan. Wales Arts International has been working in partnership with Welsh Government to deliver a programme of cultural activities, which will offer Japan a chance to discover Wales and its culture. There will be a strong focus on the voice and music, reflecting Wales’ culture that is nurtured in our communities and rooted in our communitarian values.

In support of the Wales’ National Rugby team, the #calonlan campaign will join voices from around Wales and the world to sing the unofficial anthem as a karaoke track. It will be officially launched in the Wales Dome in Tokyo and there is opportunity to perform #calonlan with Japanese subtitles in Katakana.

A wide variety of cultural offer will be available from singing to food tasting, and even a chance to learn Welsh with Tokyo Daito Bunka University’s Takeshi Koike at Wales Dome, Shinjuku. National Dance Company Wales will perform Rygbi: annwyl i mi/Dear to me in cities including Oita and Yokohama. If that wasn’t enough, the work of many Welsh artists who have connected with fans in Japan can be experienced, including Super Furry Animals’ Cian Ciaran, Gruff Rhys, HMS Morris and more. 

Working in partnership with the British Council, experts from both nations will gather in Cardiff on the 16th of September and in Tokyo on the 1st of October to share learning, exchange ideas and explore areas of future collaboration within the Arts & Health arena.

Celebrating design from Wales and the growing friendship between Wales and Oita, an exhibition of 12 glass and ceramic artists from Wales takes place in Oita’s impressive OPAM, the new large contemporary art gallery.

Back in Wales, National Museum of Wales will present the work of coalfield artist Sakubei Yamamoto in the World Heritage Site Big Pit Museum. The National Museum of Wales continues their partnership with the Modern Art Museum of Japan after the hugely popular Kizuna exhibition in 2018.

The culture mission is aligned and supports the Welsh Government’s Trade Mission to Tokyo. All the artists / companies engaged in the programme, as well as those signed up to the mission, are in Japan to grow their business, to nurture relationships and to foster artistic collaborations.




  #calonlan キャンペーンは、ウェールズ・ラグビーチームを応援するために、ウェールズや世界中の人達にウェールズラグビー非公式国歌である「カロン・ラン」をカラオケ版で歌ってもらい、その歌声を一つに集めます 。東京に設置したウェールズ・ドームで#calonlan サービス提供を開始し、カタカナ字幕で歌える場を提供します。

 新宿ウェールズ・ドームでは歌から試食会まで様々な催しが行われますが、大東文化大学の小池剛史先生によるウェールズ語レッスンもあります。ナショナル・ダンス・カンパニー・ウェールズは、大分や横浜などで「ラグビー、私にとって大切なもの  のパフォーマンスを行い ます。さらに、スーパー・ファーリー・アニマルズのキアン・キアラン、グリフ・リースやHMSモリスなど、日本でもお馴染みのアーティスト達の演奏を体験できます。