As we head to the end of the year, we want to take the chance to share three areas of work we’re currently working on, taking us to look to the future,post-pandemic, and to new ways of working internationally. 


International Opportunities Fund / Connect Networking Fund 

The funds have been closed since March 2020 with funding largely re-purposed for emergency funding and alternative activities, but we’re looking forward to announcing the reopening of the International Opportunities Fund in January 2021.  Keep an eye out for more details on our website and our social media channels.  We’re also preparing to open a new international fund in April 2021, which will respond to the changing context globally and to artists’ needs.   


Year of Wales in Germany 2021 

We’ve been working on key international projects with Welsh Government over recent years, such as the cultural activities at the Rugby World Cup in Japan in autumn 2019, and the Wales Week Dublin 2020 Cultural Programme back in March.  

We’re really looking forward to the Year of Wales in Germany 2021 as another opportunity for us to work together to support artistic collaboration and exchange between the two countries.  It’s an especially important moment to support existing relationships and develop new ones with our European partners.   

There will be funding available to support artists and companies in their projects with German partners through our International Opportunities Fund to collaborate digitally and, subject to easing of Covid restrictions, to attend key events taking place throughout the year. 


International Networks 

We have continued to engage with international networks over the past year and have found our international community to be more important than ever to keep us inspired, informed and challenged through this time. 

On 9 December 2020 we hosted a workshop for arts practitioners and organisations in Wales to learn more about Connecting with European Networks. The session was run by On The Move network (Brussels) and delivered in partnership with Creative Europe Desk UK – Wales, supported by Welsh Government. 

 We are also inviting the sector to contact us about their preparations for the end of the EU transition period. Here’s some of the things we’re doing to prepare.  

 We’re  working on setting up  the Arts Infopoint UK  - a practical information hub for artists travelling into the UK from next year.  This pilot initiative is supported by the Welsh Government, Scottish Government and our partners Creative Scotland and Arts Council England - and we’ve been working  alongside Tamizdat (New York); Cardiff Law School (Cardiff University); Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit and other stakeholders across Wales, the UK and internationally with On the Move network.  

On 15 December 2020 Arts Infopoint UK partnered with Creative Europe Desk – Scotland to host a webinar on incoming mobility routes for artists.   

Look out for more announcements and find out about future events as the Infopoint goes live during January 2021: